Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Scoreboard

I went to The Scoreboard tonight after we had our first reader comment on the blog.  
 Clinton said...
Someone should review the new cheeseburger at the Scoreboard. They used to have the best one in town, but now they're under new ownership and it's obviously not the same. Maybe our standards are unrealistically high, but some things just shouldn't change. Maybe if we get a ground-swell together they will be forced to hire back the old cook.

The Scoreboard, once thought of as the Holy Grail of cheeseburgers is, I am sad to report, no longer what it used to be. This was THE cheeseburger; it WAS just the right amount of juicy, greasy goodness. It WAS perfection and will be remembered and revered like the  81 Blue Devil basketball season.
I had noticed over the past six months or so that the bedraggled, nearly condemned quality of the exterior of our beloved eatery had been given a face lift. But when I entered The Scoreboard, the interior had not changed much at all. The framed posters on Hondo, Hank Aaron's 715 off Al Downing and Secretariet still adorn the walls. So I was feeling right at home.

 I expected to write about some flaws in the service but I can't. They had only one person working but she was quite the work horse. She was tending bar, waiting tables and she was the cook too. She brought refills without me asking and the food was served quickly. A+. The pricing was a bit high for the size at $4.25, fries $2.50 and iced tea $1.50 so with a tip we are over $10. That is too much for just average food. Now more bad news, while I believe the burger was handmade, the size was somewhat of a letdown. It wasn't the, over the bun sized burger, that made the place famous. It was just the run of the mill cheeseburger in size and quality. The typical white bread bun was very lightly grilled. The fries were as good as they get, and right out of the fryer. mmmm good! But I left the place with a saddened heart for the cheeseburger that I had remembered so fondly was no longer.

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  1. Man, that was fast!

    I was hoping maybe something had changed since I first dropped in after the ownership change. You know, maybe they were going through some growing pains? Maybe I hit it on an off night? Maybe my toothpaste was bad and my taste-buds were off? Maybe they accidentally brought grade D beef??

    I wanted so badly to believe that the burger I grew up with wasn't dead.

    I'm sad to hear that nothing has changed since I was there a few months ago, and that a lot has changed since I was there for the first time almost 25 years ago.

    Alas, all good things must come to an end. I just always hoped that I would go first.

    Thanks for the review!


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