Monday, October 18, 2010

The Pink Tavern

1010 E State Route 96

Lomax, IL 61454

(217) 449-9723

The Pink Tavern or sometimes referred to just as “The Pink” is located in Lomax, Illinois. Lomax is a small town north of Nauvoo right on the Mississippi River in Northern Hancock County.
We got there in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. The place was not crowded and we decided to sit at the bar.
The seating area was very clean and the owners must love their wild life art. They probably had, and this is no exaggeration, over 100 Terry Redlin signed and framed prints hanging on the walls. The bathroom was small and average on the cleanliness scale.
The wait staff is friendly but don’t expect them to be ahead of the game. If you need something you better ask.  And that includes flatware. Maybe I expect too much but if someone is going to eat you should bring them a fork. If they order fries you should ask if they need ketchup.
On to the FOOD. We both ordered cheeseburgers and fries. We had a bag of Sterzing’s Chips too;  A, because I can’t resist ‘em and B, because the tasty potato crisps are made right across the river in Burlington, Iowa.
The burgers came in quick enough time, but with only one order of fries. (Again the wait staff) That seemed kind of silly because the reasonable price of $4.95 includes fries. The bun was the typical white bread bun and was toasted but not buttered. The burger was handmade and they were both irregular in shape. That odd shape let you know that it was a handmade burger not the frozen preformed type. The burger also came with iceberg lettuce hand torn not the shredded type.
I would have to rate the cheeseburger as just average but the homemade touches give it a slightly above average feel. The fries were hot and crispy and while the portion was plenty the size of the fries were a bit skinny for my liking.

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