Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Coach House

The Coach House a long time Quincy staple has been doing business at the same location for at least 50 years. That in and of itself says something. Don't go into this place expecting a gourmet meal. Do expect to get a home-cooked meal.

Do expect to pay too much for a soft drink, sodas are $2. However it's hard to find anything on the menu over $10, generally a good value.

So, I ordered a Club Sandwich $7.95. Now this is not your normal club sandwich, It is a good sized chicken breast (menu says 6 ounces) with bacon on a bun, the lettuce came on the side along with the tomato. The lettuce was the kind that is meant as a garnish and the tomato, while still in season, was the typical waxy, orangey tomato. When I pay eight bucks for a sandwich I expect more. The chicken was tough, I didn't feel like a I had mouth full of shoe leather but you could tell it was the old over frozen  boneless breast and it had little if any seasoning. The bacon while thick was a bit burnt and had been under the press for a little too long a little closer to the shoe leather for the bacon. So much so I almost took it off of the sandwich. The sandwich all in all was as dry a as a joke from Letterman's monologue and just kind of blah. It's not something that I will order again.

The lattice fries were not hot but a good sized portion. I think there might be a little lack of pride in the kitchen or in the recipes. More of a "get it out quick" mentality instead of a "get it out great" mentality. The waitress that we had was friendly but her service was lacking. She made only one trip by during the meal.

I don't believe they take debit cards but they do take checks. Try it for yourself and see what you think. You can leave your critique in the comments or you can email it to us and we will put it up as a normal blog entry.

The Coach House Restaurant

2431 Broadway, Quincy, IL

(217) 223-8040 


  1. The really need to renovate. The recent butter-yellow coat of paint doesn't "cut it" ...

  2. Wow! After that review I don't think I'll be eating there any time soon. Why even bother serving fries if they're not hot. I've been known to go on fry benders and drive back through a drive-up if they give me old cold ones.

    You need to develop a rating system. Maybe 1-5 qs. qqqqq being excellent.

  3. Didn't this place used to be called the 'Roach House' back in the day?

  4. My current pick for best burger in the Tri-States come from Chicken Lips in Macomb. You wouldn't think it based on their name, but the quality can't be denied. Not a big fan of the seasoned lattice fries, but you take what you can get.

  5. I was thinking about a rating system, but couldn't come up with anything creative. Kind of like my writing..Not very creative


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