Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winking's Market

On the corner of 4th and Maiden Lane in Quincy, you can take a step back in time...  An old school, family owned, corner grocery store.  While the surrounding houses have gradually disappeared, Winking's stays the same.  Dick Winking owned the neighborhood market since 1948.  He recently passed away, in April 2010, but the market carries on.  A Winking Market Facebook page was started at that time, you can check that out here

Besides covering all your basic grocery needs, this gem of the Gem City has your lunch needs taken care of as well.  One of Quincy's best kept secrets, this is a great little stop for lunch.  You can order something from the deli counter, but the best bet might be the soup.  

Tastes like home made too, because it is.  There's the vegetable beef, chicken noodle soup, chili, it just depends on the week, but it's usually unchanged.  Hot soup, and they'll hook you up with the crackers and all the fixins.

If you're really hungry, the soup will do... but you can also get a roast beef sandwich.  hot or cold, BBQ or regular.  All of it is good.  I eat mine with a fork, otherwise it can get a little bit messy.  But it's all delicious. There's a variety of things to pick up on the lunch menu, but don't forget you're in a grocery store - so you can pick up anything you want for a snack.  Drinks, chips, candy or cakes...  All at a very reasonable price, and sure to fill your belly, served with a personal touch.


  1. I've heard they serve the best sandwiches ever!! Didn't know about the this kind of weather, it certainly does sound & look inviting. Dick Winking was my cousin and he was a very special man...anyone who knew him will tell you the I'm ready to believe the food they serve at lunchtime is very special too. I haven't been there for a long time so I may come-in for some take-out soon & a little reminiscing.

  2. This sumer would b a nice time to set some tables, even a few picnic table outside on the sidewalk.We could enjoy lunch right there at Winking's Grocery Store...or would that make you a Restaurant?? Probably would have to have special permit from the city...permits are required for everything these days....oh well, the foods reasonably priced & the reminiscing is still free. ;-)


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